— Ensuring Sharp Edges —

MITS PCB Prototyping Machines are especially useful for making RF/Antenna circuit boards

To make an RF circuit board, you have to go through several iterations of making a test board and measuring its characteristics.

For a typical circuit board, it is good enough if circuits are accurately connected electrically. However, for an RF/Antenna circuit, you have to ensure excellent RF characteristics of the circuit board itself.

It is well known that the shape of the cutting edges significantly affect RF characteristics.

a —– Ideal pattern milled by stub type tool
b —– Pattern milled by prototyping machine with run out
c —– Pattern milled by end mill with pointed end type tool
d —– Pattern created by etching (chemical solution)
For example, the same circuit patterns with different edge shapes as shown in (a), (b) (c) , and (d) have totally different RF performances.

The edge shape depends on the characteristics of the milling machine and the tools used. To ensure preferable edge shape shown in (a), you need a PCB Prototyping Machine with highest level of rigidity and accuracy.

MITS has been focusing our effort in making PCB Prototyping Machines that can deliver sharp edges. Please ask us to make a sample board for you, and see the difference with your eyes.