CCD Starter Kit

Starter Kit for Bungard CCD

To work directly with your Bungard CCD, some accessories are required. For our new customers we arranged a starter kit according to our experience.

We recommend to order this starter kit with every new CCD.

amount of delivery:

40 pcb routers(10xG30°, 10xG60°, 5×0.8mm SCFT, 5×1.0mm SCFT, 2×1.2mm SCFT, 2x 1.5mm SCFT, 2×2.0mm SCFT, 2×2.5mm SCFT, 2×3.0mm SCFT)
40 carbid drills (5×0.6mm, 5×0.7mm, 5×0.8mm, 5×0.9mm, 4×1.0mm, 3×1.1mm,3×1.2mm, 2×1.3mm, 2×1.5mm, 2×2.0mm, 2×2.5mm, 2×3.0mm
100 reference pins
3 pcb cleaner
1 special adhesive tape
10 boards FR4 200x300x1,5mm 35/0 copper
10 boards FR4 200x300x1,5mm 35/35 copper
5 drill backing boards 245x330x6mm