Customer Comments

We found it was worth to purchase the MITS’ machine ! This is an voice from our customer who puts our machine to practical use. Please click here for the past articles.

Company “A” in Tokyo

Developer, Manufacturer, and Seller of measuring equipment for Semiconductor.

Performance of the MITS PCB prototyping machine

Our company provides tester for the next generation devices. We have to make reference boards in order to evaluate the device while we develop the testing devices. To make one reference board through outsourcing, we had to arrange business meeting with them many times. We did not want to spend much time and efforts for making.

Then, purchasing MITS’ PCB prototyping machine became one of our solutions to reduce time consumptions and additional works. The machine helps our business a lot. 

To make the reference boards internally in our company are our new challenge. We purchased the machine in spring 2010, and it has given   us high efficiency in our work, and we have made many of the reference boards already. We are utilizing the machine a lot.


UDADENSHI / Mr. Michinobu Uda

Introducing the MITS’ PCB Prototyping machine
He introduces the new instrument, “UDAR”. “This is a new electronic instrument called, ‘UDAR’. I made the substrate for this by using MITS’ PCB Prototyping machine. Since it gives a good processing accuracy, I was able to put the substrate into the cabinet right after the work to test the performance. With this machine, I could work free from anxiety as it produced the board exactly like the drawing. I’m a big fan of MITS since my school days.


Control AD / Mr. Kitazumi

Location Tokyo, Japan
Purchasing reason

In our business, we often adjust boards in a developmental stage, and also the quantity of output is often small. We had been considered the purchase as substrate fabrication companies may require costs and time.

Why we chose MITS’ PCB Prototyping machine                    

  1. MITS gives us good support and quality.                       
  2. I’ve seen the machine when I visited the university in my work.                       
  3. It provides good performance in the prototype level, and also can work with Automatic Tool Changer.                       
  4. It matches with the nature of the machine as we often want the circuit with copper layer on the board.                     

Satisfaction level of MITS’ machine

I used to make boards by myself, but its downsizing made me difficult to work visually. I am very happy to purchase MITS’ PCB Prototyping machine now.

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