Board cutter Ne-Cut

Ne-Cut was developed for cutting of PCBs (0-3 mm), Aluminium (0-2mm), steel (0-1 mm), plastics (0-5 mm) and even films and artworks.

Technical data

  • Sizes (L x H x D): 74 cm x 29 cm x 45 cm
  • Weight: 66 kg

Necut-Filmvideo in DVD-quality (wmv 8,8 MB) (use right mouse click to store file)


  • Cutting width max. 530 mm
  • Two knifes made of hardened and ground steel
  • Spring loaded built-in clamping unit in the front
  • Transparent cover hood for user safety and visual control
  • Metric edge scales in the front
  • Fully adjustable back stop with metric scale for batch work (0…300 mm)
  • Smallest cutting size (front) 45 mm
  • Durable full steel construction
  • All important parts angular adjustable
  • Simple exchange of blades
  • Adjustable cutting angle
  • Adjustable clearance


  • Set of spare blades

Board Cutter Type 450

This guillotine type 450 has been specifically designed for the cutting of circuit boards to 2.0 mm or aluminum up to 1.0 mm thickness.

It is equipped with a safety guard, a spring-loaded clamp, that holds the printed circuit board. Partly made from aluminium die-casting this machine is a real lightweight – in price and design.

Reduced clamping force (compared to our Ne-Cut machine) requires less cutting power from the user. But may increase risk of material moving during the cutting process. In order to avoid this, we recommend to use the side stoppers. These are equipped with metric and imperial scales.

Individual cut “on sight” is possible. Alternatively, we recommend to use adjustable stop for batch work, which is part of delivery and can be installed in the front or the back of the machine.


Cutting width max. 450 mm / 18″
Hardened tool steel blades
Spring-loaded clamping device
Adjustable stop for batch work
Table size 300x450mm
Aluminium construction
Simple change of cutting blades

Technical details

Dimension (W x H x D): 66 cm x 35 cm x 44 cm
Weight: 20 kg