An introduction example of High-Frequency Circuit Board made by MITS Prototyping Board Making Machine

Let us show you the introduction example of “High-Frequency Printed Circuit Board” processed by the
MITS Prototyping board making machine, thanks to the special collaboration with Dr.Kouji Wada
at The University of Electro-Communications.

The Advantages of using MITS Prototyping Board Making Machine

  • You can easily acquire the technical knowledge for producing a PCB, and can process a high-accuracy printed circuit board within a short period of time. As you don’t use any chemical agents with our machines, you don’t have to be anxious about the troublesome waste liquid treatment.
  • By using the data obtained from the results of simulating experiments, such as electromagnetic field simulation, you can effectively produce the high-frequency PCB.
  • Based on the comparison between the simulation results and that of assays on the PCB, you can immediately apply that data on the improvement of the actual PCB pattern-designing.

Let us illustrate the procedure of PCB processing beginning from the pattern-designing to
the data evaluation, by taking the case of the high-frequency filter (dual-band filter with
micro-strip line) as an example


Circuit Designing

At the preliminary step towards designing the print circuit pattern by PCB processing machine, we calculate the structural parameter of the filter by the computer program, and evaluate the characteristics of the electric transmission.
Circuit designing by computer program
The circuitry of dual band filter
This figure shows the outcome of the calculated electric transmission characteristics by the circuit simulator in the light of the result of designing the dual-band-filter using the microstrip substrate.
Simulation result of the electric transmission characteristics



Circuit Structure Simulation

We can also calculate the distribution of the electric current density, as well as the characteristics of the electric transmission, by analyzing the pattern shape of trial circuit using structural simulators such as the electromagnetic field simulator.
Trial circuit pattern
We are able to grasp and visualize the electromagnetic distribution by the structural simulator. Also, we can make use of that data for the designing of the circuit board.(This circuit is analyzed by
Ansoft Designer Ver.3.0
by courtesy of Ansoft Japan)

Result of electric current density distribution analysis


Evaluation result of simulation for electric Transmission characteristics.


Prototyping Circuit Board Processing & Evaluation
Based on the data acquired by the result of the designing, simulation, and by the analysis,
we produce the circuit board using the PCB processing machine. Next, we estimate the
circuit board that we produced and evaluate the characteristics of them by comparing
the result of the simulation and analysis.


Front view of MITS prototyping board machine FP-21T Precision
Trial board sample
Picture of a milled trial board measuring
Result of a milled trial board measuring

(The designing and measuring of the above circuit are performed by the collaboration