Isocam 5.0

suitable for Windows XP – Windows 7 64-bit

IsoCam Quickstart (E-Book)

new ISOCAM 5.0 is now available to download from our website !

link to software download..

Link to RoutePro3000-Manual


  • first full 64-bit version. Due to new dongle drivers capable to run with Windows 7 64-bit
  • updated functions for Laserpro (HPGL export)
  • improved license management
  • new security features

We strongly recommend to all users of ISOCAM 4 to upgrade to ISOCAM 5.0 NOW.

Why IsoCam?

The situation:

  • You designed a PCB with your CAD package and now want to make a prototype or a small series by etching or by isolation milling.

The questions:

  • How do you check and correct the drill-, rout- and plot-data, their dimension and layer registration?
  • Do you want to make your prototype by isolation milling?

The answers:

  • IsoCAM reads your Gerber-, HP/GL, and drill files. It offers you editing facilities like shift, mirror, copy, paste, delete and more on single vectors, groups of elements or entire layers.
  • IsoCAM can convert data into all of the above mentioned formats. Windows Postscript output allows making film artworks.
  • IsoCAM comes with a worthy isolation milling converter with the feature of using two different tools in once and with the possibility of creating copper rubout areas.
  • The aperture table and the tool rack can be edited, saved and printed. A converter automatically reads the aperture information from most CAD packages.

Feature overview:

Isocam © and Isocam Pro © have lots of functions and features. In the table below you’ll find the most important ones.

Isocam © Standard Pro
Gerber input / output (standard/extended) YES YES
HPGL input / output YES YES
Excellon output for milling data NO YES
DXF input / output NO YES
Bitmap input /output NO YES
Drill input / output YES YES
G-code output YES YES
ARC optimize NO YES
Scaling NO YES
Scale / auto-rotate bitmap NO YES
Auto detect drill holes in bitmap NO YES
Save Job file YES YES
Create milling data YES YES
Create milling data using two tools YES YES
Create milling data for selected object NO YES
Undo/Redo YES YES
Max. number of layers 32 64
Units: Mils / mm / Inch / HPGL YES YES
Design rules checker YES YES
Show milling direction NO YES
Change milling direction NO YES
Change starting point of milling chain NO YES
Select whole milling chain NO YES
Create solder mask NO YES
Snap to nearest endpoint YES YES
Auto synchronize layers YES YES
Add fixing holes YES YES
Create rub outs YES YES
Create board cuts YES YES
Mirror-function YES YES
Powerfill zoom function YES YES
Add objects YES YES
Select complete net NO YES