Besides our Original Bungard Presensitized Base Material, which is produced from 1961 on, we also offer all machines and all consumables you need starting from raw material going up to through-hole-plated multilayer with solder mask!

Presensitized boards

The name ORIGINAL BUNGARD stands for the highest quality and processing safety for pre-sensitized base material

Original Bungard Fotobeschichtetes Basismaterial
For highest exposure sensitivity and short processing turns

New ! Bungard Cotherm

Metal Core Boards with or without photocoat! For applications requiring improved heat dissipation (eg LED).

Metal Core Boards Cotherm 1000/100/35 µm; Format 530 x 1180mm (1,0 mm; 1 x 35 CU);

Metal Core Boards Cotherm 1500/100/35 µm; Format 530 x 1180mm (1,5 mm; 1 x 35 CU);

Dripping and clamping rim reduces the format to 510×1150 mm for Cotherm with photocoat.

Bungard Cotherm Metallkernleiterplatten
Metal Core Boards with or without photocoat


Another word for quality. From 1981 on we sell under the brand name ALUCOREX our photo-coated anodized aluminium. This product is perfectly suited for front panels, scales, labels and pad printing clichés.

Bungard Alucorex Frontplattenmaterial
Photo-coated anodized aluminium for front panels, scales and labels

SMD Templates

In SMT technology, the question of how to apply the solder paste is gaining more and more importance. As far as screen printing is concerned, one has to mention the efforts for the preparation and maintenance of the screen as well as the questions of its wear out and of the achieved thickness of the paste.
Bungard SMD Schablonenbleche
For solder-paste application

Special Purpose Laminates

Besides our standard products we offer some materials for special applications. If you do not find below a suitable product for your application, please contact us.


It’s so easy – because it’s BUNGARD. With our high quality rivets and our famous FAVORIT you will ever get the best results.

Bungard Durchkontaktier-Nieten
High quality rivets for best results

Chemicals / Accessories

Chemicals for developing, etching and through-hole-plating as well as additional accessories

Bungard Chemikalien und Zubehör
Original Bungard conumables

Drills, Routers, End Mills

High quality, precision ground solid carbide drill and routing bits with 3.175 mm (1/8”) shaft.