Inspect 3000

for all BUNGARD CCD machines


With this module you can use a Bungard CCD for AOI-drives (Automatic Optical Inspection).Requirements you need


You need:

  • a Bungard CCD
  • the Software RoutePro 3000
  • an inspection license Inspect 3000
  • a camera


  • Calibration license Calibrate 3000 with matching.


If the inspection license is activated, the check boxes Preview and Inspection will appear in tab Run CNC
If you mark check box Preview, you can simulate the operation of the machine process, a test drive. In case of a
drill file the machine drives to every drill position. In case of a routing file the camera will follow the milling tracks.


Note: if the calibration is active for this project, it will first go through the calibration stage. If you don’t want that
please uncheck this function in tab General or set a check in tab Run CNC at check box Calibrated. This way the
program assumes that calibration already has taken place.
If you have checked Inspect, the machine will travel to the first drill position and waits there, so you have time to
look at this position closely. If you press start, the next position will be shown.
Note: This function will only work on drill layers.

Safety regulations:

Pay heed to the safety regulations of the Bungard CCD.