We recommend two different variants to achieve a high quality through hole plating: For simple pcbs the riveting press FAVORIT offers a very cheap but effective mechanical solution.

For more sophisticated boards the use of the chemical/galvanic plating through hole (PTH) method is recommended. For this procedure the plating through hole machines of the compacta or profi-line serve as a perfect solution. Moreover, we offer COMPACTA series for a number of different tasks like tin or nickel-gold surface plating, desmear and sealbond application. Compacta lines can be adapted to almost any world wide available systems of chemicals according to your special demands.


Compacta 30

Professional equipment for laboratory prototyping of through-hole plated PCBs up to 210 x 300 mm size. Clean system including built-in rinsing compartment.

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Compacta 40

Due to a 2nd galvanic tank and larger tank dimensions, the Compacta 40 can plate 2 separate PCBs up to 300 x 400 mm size at the same time! Other sizes are available.

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Hand-operated machine, especially for mechanical through-hole-plating purposes. Professional through-hole-platings by individual tools for each rivet diameter.

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PROFI 2530 + 3045

Our plating system is made for the production of high quality Prototype and Production quantities of Plated
Through Hole boards.

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Compacta 30-40 Nickel-Gold

Compacta 30 Ni-Au
Compacta 40 Ni-Au
Chemical Nickel-Gold (Sudgold)

Since early 1990s the alloy surface (nickel / phosphorus & gold) is one of the most versatile surfaces. In this method, a nickel layer forms the diffusion barrier between copper and solder alloy. The gold is dissolved in the solder joint and the liability / IMC formation is done with the nickel layer. Electroless nickel-gold requires an upstream copper activation to start the nickel deposition. The nickel layer increases mechanical vias and increases the abrasion resistance.

To apply the chemical Nickel-Gold-alloy we offer a special machine of the Compacta series. This machine has the following features:

Compacta 30 chem. Nickel-Gold
This machine can perform nickel and gold plating for printed circuit boards up to a size of 200x300mm. 5 PVC tanks, 2 PP tanks all about 10 liters, 3 Teflon radiators all with thermostatic, 5 Digital Timer, bath movement (adjustable), all tanks with ball valve drain. spray rinse with foot switch, flushing pressure adjustable. Stand-alone machine. Connection: 230 V

Compacta 40 chem. Nickel-gold,
Nickel and gold plating plant for printed circuit boards up to a size of 300 x 400mm.
Of course a suitable chemical set and necessary accessories can be obtained from us.

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Protec 2030 and Protec 3040 for Ormecon chemical Tin
Ormecon immersion tin is a method for chemical tin plating of copper surfaces.
The special on Ormecon process is a 0.08 micron thick layer of organic metal, which optimally prepares the surface for subsequent tinning and then prevents the ‘diffusion of copper through the tin.
Ormecon ® CSN meets all modern requirements for PCBs:

To apply the this multifunctional surface we offer a special machine of the Protec series. This machine has the following features:

PROTEC is ideally suited to the Ormecon chemical tinning procedure. The standard machine can process plates up to 200 x 300mm and contains 5 pools for Microetch, combined spray- and static rinse , Organic metal, chemical tinning 7001, hot rinse.

Tank volume 10 litre.
Tank 1: Microetch, ball cock outlet valve, cover, timer.
Tank 2: Spray/ Rinsing regulated by angle seat solenoid valve, ball cock outlet valve.
Tank 3: Organic metal, ball cock outlet valve, cover, timer.
Tank 4: Chemical tin 7001, PTFE heating element thermostatically regulated 20-80°C, ball cock outlet valve, cover, timer.
Tank 5: Warm rinsing, stainless steel heating element thermostatically regulated 20-50°C, ball cock outlet valve, cover, timer.
Underframe plastic, control unit with main switch.
1 pc PCB holder.
Power supply 230 V AC.
Additional options:
Plate size 300 x 400mm
Bath movement
Pools for Cleaning Step
Pool for DI rinse

Of course a suitable chemical set and necessary accessories can be obtained from us.

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Through-Hole Plating Accessories

Accessories for Compacta / Accessories for Protec
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