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MITS Design Pro Ver. (141205)

 designpro_en_setup.exe (16.8MB)
 Gerber file example (0.1MB)

User’s guide:

 Converter/EASYCAD   12/08/2009
 EASYCAD Quick SingleSided
 FP-7A/FP-21A   12/10/2009
 Seven Mini/Eleven T   07/20/2010
 Eleven Lab   10/03/2014
 Auto Lab   10/03/2014
 ElevenAuto/FPZ-31AT/73AT   07/20/2010
 FP-21T   10/03/2014
 FP-21T Precision   11/07/2014

Maintenance manual:

 Eleven Lab   09/30/2012
 Auto Lab   09/30/2012
 FP-21T/40u and FP-21T Precision   04/07/2009
 FP-21T/60 and /100   08/25/2008