Document 3000

for all BUNGARD CCD machines



This documentation module will provide outstanding documentation which you can use for future reference.
You may also handout the project documentation to your customer along with the finished


You need:

  • software RoutePro 3000
  • a documentation license Document 3000




When the documentation module is activated you’ll find a
new button under options: PDF
Pressing this button will generate a complete PDF document,
containing all the machine settings. This includes
activated licenses, correction factors, serial numbers, tool
defaults for routers, drills, laser and dispense tools and
many more.


When a project is loaded you’ll find also such a button under the general tab.
Pressing this button generates a complete PDF document of your current project, including screen
shots of every layer, the settings of base and board, offset, scaling, used tools including parameters
and your own comments and hints to the operator.
This enables you to produce a special project with all its unique requirements even after a long time
without problems. Or you can pass on your work preparations to a machine operator without long term
admissions. Pay heed to the safety regulations of the Bungard CCD.Safety regulations:

Technical data:

Requirements: Software RoutePro 3000
Documentation license Document 3000
Application: Documentation of Machine and Projects