Bungard Elektronik proudly presents: The QR-Module QR-Code 3000 – a documentation software for Bungard CCD

A QR-code documentation provides fast and without much effort all necessary information about projects and workflows of a manufacturing process. The module QR-Code 3000 generated a very individual QR-code for every project of Bungard CCD at one touch by using the software RoutePro 3000. A unique code can be printed directly with a label printer and glued at the desired position of the board or workpiece. Behind the square matrix out of black and white dots, representing binary encoded data, information is optionally hidden for internal quality assurance and external customers. They document the manufacturing process of printed circuit boards, the workpieces and the deposited project name, the type of machine or operator. The QR-code can be read with a standard 2D scanner or a smartphone. So the QR-code Label enables to call up the appropriate files in reissue of old projects. With an additional documentation license, the QR-module QR-Code 3000 offers other advantages for changes and extensions in future within a project.
A trial version for 14 days is currently available.