In the specification of MITS, we state the number of the maximal drilling rotation in condition of fluctuating the maximal processing stroke.Therefore, as the processing stroke become larger, the number of the rotation become smaller for its moving distance turn out to be far.

We offer the wide variety of the machines, including the 3-axes-regulating processing machine. We can configure the travel distance of the fluctuation very precisely, therefore the rotation speed of the drilling noted in the specification increases.

Control method of Z-axis

Motor control
MITS PCB prototyping machine employs the control scheme by the motor in all models, while some other manufactures employ Solenoid control system. The motor control enables the stable processing without deterioration whereas the number of up and down will be smaller compared with the Solenoid method.

Solenoid control
Solenoid control is advantageous in increasing the number of up and down when short strokes. But it is disadvantageous to adjust the down speed in long stroke. Additionally, Solenoid control deteriorates across the ages. In that case, burrs can be generated after the processing.