CAN YOU cut 0.1mm patterns with your milling machine?

Some manufacturers of PCB prototyping machines are advertising minimum pattern width (cutting width) of 0.1 mm in their specifications.

Is it true?
Are these machines truly capable of cutting 0.1 mm patterns?

When you use these machines to cut 0.1 mm patterns, you often find:

  • Uneven line width, too thin in some areas, too thick in other areas
  • Burred or coarse edges

This also means that you can find the true capability of PCB prototyping machines by actually milling 0.1mm lines.

If you do need fine patterns, how about asking those manufacturers to make a sample board for you? You can easily “see” which machine is suitable for your applications.

MITS welcomes your request for challenging sample cut.

“Let our samples show our capability!”