AquaPur 1000

Waste water treatment system

AquaPur (1000/3000/5000) cleans rinsing water from solids and heavy metals such as copper or iron of small to medium series of PCB production.
The ion exchangers of this system are suitable for alkaline and acidic rinse water from the etching process.
The use of a special mixed bed resin for anions and cations, which can be regenerated, avoids the use of other chemicals e.g. for
pH adjustment and ensures easy operation.
The system operates in closed loop circulation and is directly connected to the respective rinsing zones of the etching machine.
The spray pressure and the flow rate can be read and adjusted at the diaphragm valve and the Flow meters.
The contaminated rinse water of the machine flows into a storage tank integrated into the AquaPur.

AquaPur1000 0002AquaPur1000 0003

Technical Data

AquaPur Typ 1000 Typ 3000 Typ 5000
Dimensions L x W x H:Weight:

Tank capacity:

Exchanger columns:

Pump pressure:


Power supply:

Power consumption:

90 x 80 x150 cm90 kg

200 Liter

2 St. a. 7 L.

1,8 bar

2500 l/h


0,8 kW

100 x 90 x150 cm110 kg

250 Liter

2 St. a. 15 L.

1,8 bar

5000 l/h


1 kW

120 x 100 x170 cm130 kg

300 Liter

2 St. a. 30 L.

1,8 bar

5000 l/h


1,2 kW

aquapur rohrsystem