Waste Water Treatment System

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The name IONEX stands for ION-EXchanger, which is the very heart of this modern waste water treatment system. The Ionex is a modern and compact plant to treat rinsing water coming form the etching or through-hole-plating machines of a pcb laboratory. We offer 4 basic variants, which differ in rinsing water through-put and ion capacity. Type A and B are equipped with a cotton pre-filter, two cation columns and a ph neutralization column. Type KA and KB have three ion exchange columns.


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The waste water unit AquaPur1000/3000/5000 has been manufactured for the cleaning of rinse water from etching and development processes and must not be used for other purposes.
The unit has mainly been manufactured from recyclable materials and, in the event of later scrapping, is to be sent for correct and environmentally compatible disposal.


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