Isolationline Level 1

PCB production with mechanical through hole plating

Isoline_L1_links Preparing the layout data
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Purchase of cut to size raw material
Route to size with Bungard CCD
Cut to site with board cutter Bungard Ne-Cut
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CNC-drilling and contour routing
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mechanical Through-Hole-Plating
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chemical Tinning
(EG 01)


  • Fine-line technology PCBs without soldermask
  • Track resolution: better 150µm !
  • Modular upgradeable to all Basic Line steps including multilayer, waste water treatment, artwork production or surface finishing set at any time
  • over all process time: 60 to 120min depending on number of holes, length of tracks and width of channels
  • maximum throughput 1 m² / 8 h
  • maximum usable size:: 270 x 325 mm (CCD/2) or 325 x 495 (CCD/MTC)
  • ISOLATIONLINE consists of: 2 machines