Basisline Level 2

PCBs like in Level 1
plus green solder mask and blue components printing

Basis_L2_links Original Bungard
positive presensitized boards
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CNC-drilling and contour routing
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vacuum exposure
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dip developing
+ rinsing
+ sprayetching
+ chemical tinning
+ drying
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mechanical PTH
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lamination of solder mask
(RLM 419p)
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vacuum exposure of solder mask
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spraydeveloping of solder mask
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curing of solder mask
(HELLAS or hot air oven)

System features:

Like in Level 1, but in addition:

  • Laminator for laminating solder mask and SPLASH D for developing (2 additional machines)
  • Components printing: repeat Laminating, exposure and developing with blue tenting resist.
  • over all process time: 50 to 120min depending on number of holes
  • maximum throughput: 6m² / 8 h