Presensitized Boards

New picture manual for the Bungard Presensitzed Boards!

Link to the PDF-Manual

Link to Presensitized Boards

New! Short Tutorial Videos for your very first steps!

Bungard Filmstar New manual for Filmstar-PLUS !

New software download for Filmstar-PLUS !

Visit the Filmstar-PLUS site

Bungard CCD now with:

Resolution: Down to 0.0001mm (0.1 µm)! Rounds per minute: Up to 63.000 rpm ! Speed: Up to 9000 mm/min !

Visit our CCD-Site

Bungard Filmstar

New! Filmstar-PLUS

with up to 16.000 dpi !


Touch-Display ! Read More…

New! RDC21-k with 10 storable dipping cycles!

The RDC21-k has now an improved programming. Among other improvements it is now possible to store up to 10 different dipping cycles and load them agai on demand. In this course we also completely updated our manual.

Link to RDC 21k

Link to the manual

IsoCam 5.0

We proudly present our first completely 64-bit IsoCam. Thanks to updated driver software for the hardware dongle, running Isocam with Wondows 64-bit is no problem anymore. In addition we improved the safety devices for unallowed removal of the hardware dongle while the program is running. We strongly recommend all our customers to download and install the current version IsoCam 5.0.

Here is the Download..

New! Video on operating and calibrating the Bungard Favorit! here is the link to the Favorit page and the two new movies… Bungard Favorit

New ! RLM 419p with reverse drive for transport !

From 2012 on all RLM 419p will be equipped with a reverse drive for transport. This way the laminate can be very easily driven out of the heating and transport rollers.

Link to the RLM419p

Also the manual for the RLM419p was updated. Have a look!

Link to the manual

New! Bungard Cotherm:

Metal Core Boards with or without photocoat! For applications requiring improved heat dissipation (eg LED).

Metal Core Boards Cotherm 1000/100/35 µm; Format 530 x 607 mm (1,0 mm; 1 x 35 CU);

Metal Core Boards Cotherm 1500/100/35 µm; Format 530 x 607 mm (1,5 mm; 1 x 35 CU);

Metal Core Boards Cotherm 2000/100/35 µm; Format 530 x 607 mm (2,0 mm 1 x 35 CU);

New! New dust extraction for Bungard CCD

New! dust extraction for Bungard CCD

New! Starter Kit for Bungard CCD

New! CCD videos are online. Visit Our CCD-Site

New Links on our Website!

Please have a look!

Compacta Ni-Au Chemical Nickel-Gold Protec Ormecon Chemical Tin Accessories

IsoCam Help Preview

IsoCam help is online now.

New ISOCAM 5.0 is now available to download from our website !


  • Updated functions for Laserpro (HPGL export)
  • Improved license management
  • New security features

We strongly recommend to all users of ISOCAM 4 to upgrade to ISOCAM 5 NOW. 25.2.11

We improved the articles

Waste water treatment

Multilayer-press and Dip Coater

New generation of heating rolls for laminator RLM 419p !!

The new generation of heating rolls is especially sturdy.