super cleaner jetstream
Super Cleaner “Jetstream” creates pollution-free
quiet factory environment


  • Collects 99.97% of milling particle debris as fine as 0.3 microns, while 90% for average household vacuum cleaner. (MITS inhouse experiment data)
  • Jetstream noise level is 57dB, while 70 dB for average household vacuum cleaner.
  • Linked with the milling machine and power supply is automatically turned on and off.
  • Maximum suction pressure is 22,500 pascals and the pressure level can be freely and automatically adjusted.
  • Compact and lightweight.
    255W x 360D x 310Hmm, 12.5Kg
  • Power consumption 630VA.
Available spare parts
– Filter Bag 1 pack with 5 pieces
– HEPA Filter 1 pack with 1 pieces
– Exchangeable Motor Brush 1 pack with 2 pieces