Providing very beautiful fine and accuracy cutting finish on the prototype PCB
is most required point for the PCB Prototyping Machine.







For in-house printed circuit board prototyping

Wide range of product line-up

In order to meet the increasing demand for miniaturization and high-density of PCBs in  many  fields of electronics, MITS is offering wide range of PCB prototyping machines including FP-21T  Precision, the world first 50 μm (2 mil) line/spacing milling machine, and many other machines for various purposes.

Made-in-Japan machines, renowned for quality and reliability.

MITS has been enjoying high reputation as the leading Japanese manufacturer of PCB prototyping machines, offering the enduring, high-rigidity, and extraordinarily precise machines for many years. All the manufacturing process of MITS machines is taking place in Japan, from design to construction. Thorough performance testing (by our own technical staff) ensures MITS prototyping systems to achieve fine-pattern processing.

Seamless integration from CAD designing to board making

You can produce your boards by importing your CAD data  (Gerber or DXF output format) to our software enabling smooth process from CAD designing to board making. Moreover, together with MITS original software suites and options, you will have even more useful and enhanced integrated MITS PCB prototyping systems.

You can produce single, double sided, multilayer, and high-density boards rapidly!