An introduction example of High-Frequency Printed Circuit Board
by MITS FP-21T Precision

Let us show you the introduction example of “High-Frequency Printed Circuit Board” processed by the MITS FP-21T Precision, thanks to the special collaboration with Dr. Kouji Wada at The University of Electro-Communications.

The Advantages of using MITS FP-21T Precision at educational facilitie

  • You can easily acquire the technical knowledge for producing a PCB, and can process a high-accuracy printed circuit board within a short period of time.
  • As you don’t use any chemical agents with our machines, you don’t have to be anxious about the troublesome waste liquid treatment.
  • Based on the comparison between the simulation results and that of assays on the PCB, you can immediately apply that data on the improvement of the actual PCB pattern- designing.


Superior point of FP-21T Precision

1. Stepping milling method
This method is to mill the PCB gradually by using cylindrical (stub-end type) milling bit.
With this method, you can process the PCB smoothly without burrs or breakage.

2. Fine Processing
FP-21T Precision enables to process 100µm or thinner lines and spaces with
high-accuracy in the laboratory.

3. Non-Contact Milling Head
As the jet of air pushes down the board widely without touching, this system leaves
no trace on the metal foil.

4. You can reduce the working time dramatically
Improvement of our software to MITS Design Pro enabled to save significant loading time
the circuit pattern data drawn by electromagnetic field simulator into MITS Design Pro
and the data generation time. What’s more, FP-21T Precision is capable to process
the circuit pattern exactly as the designed value, thus you can create high-frequency
design boards more efficient without reprocessing.

Sample circuit pattern
Sample PCB

Comparison between calculation result and actual measured value

Examination Cases of High-Frequency Circuit Board

Lowpass Filter (Conductor-Backed Coplanar Waveguide)

Sample PCB

Measurement by a graph

Tunable Bandpass Filter (Microstrip Line)

Sample PCB is measured by UTF

Measurement by a graph
UTF: Universal Test Fixture