North Bay Technical Introduces Professional PCB Prototyping From Bungard Electronik




The year 2012 was a great success. We presented among others the new software for CCD RoutePro3000 and the new generation of photo-plotter, the FilmStar-PLUS. If you want to inform yourself on all the details of our new products, please click on the links:

Bungard News 1-2013

Bungard News 6-2012

Bungard Elektronik was founded on the 11.1.1961 by Heinz Bungard in Leverkusen. Heinz Bungards business idea of photo-coated PCBs was soon to be world-wide-known

In the meantime Bungard Elektronik matured to a full scale supplier for professional prototyping and small series production in industry quality. From the hollow rivet up to turn key laboratories you will find all products around the printed circuit board. In addition Bungard offers direct local support by over 60 official resellers worldwide.

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Professional Prototyping

Bungard offers the full range of solutions and the appropriate equipment for your PCBs: Professional wet processing equipment as well as software tools for converting of Design-Data to CAM-Data, Drilling, Isolation Milling, Through-Hole-Plating, Tenting Resist, Etching, Brushing, Solder Mask, Multilayer-Production.

For example, we offer with Bungard Basisline (and Profiline), a complete set of equipment for professional inhouse prototyping. A turn-key solution from just one partner. Bungard. Have look on each production step and the equipment to be used. Read More…

Presentisized Boards

The Name ORIGINAL BUNGARD stands for highest quality and processing security of presentisized boards. This product guarantees a quick, flexible and particularly faultless manufacture of your prototypes and small series. We provide the most various materials and confectionings. Read More …



Please consider the following as an open minded statement that shall help you at the true starting point to decide how to make your in-house prototype PCBs.

The Bungard CCD was introduced in 1991 to fill the gap of (hand-) drilling, milling and routing of PCBs and Aluminum front panels in prototype labs, but was soon compared to machines from LPKF or T-Tech in terms of “quick” prototyping by isolation milling. Read More…

Filmstar – Fotoplotter

Filmstar is our new raster photo-plotter specifically designed for customers who want to produce high-quality films quickly and cheaply in-house. In addition to Gerber data (standard and extended) the Filmstar can also work with (high resolution) BMP files. Filmstar does an excellent job, packed in an attractive design and at a remarkably low price.

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