Bungard Direct Laser

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Bungard Laser Direct, UV laser direct imaging system for common photoresists.

Bungard Laser Direct

We already presented and operated a prototype during Productronica fair 2011 in Munich. In this demonstration we exposed a Euro card with positive resist, ALUCOREX as well as negative resist within 3 minutes.

Bungard Laser Direct 2

Target Customers are electronic developers with frequent layout changes, who want to process their PCB prototypes (e.g. antenna structures), in wet processing technology according to industrial standards.

Bungard Laser Direct 3

The laser head has a resolution better than 50 microns and will be available either as an add on item for existing CCD machines as well as a complete CNC system that can not only expose but also drill and route.

Bungard Laser Direct 4

The Bungard Laser Direct will be able to expose a Eurocard pcb in about 15 minutes, depending on the interconnect density and aspect ratio. To control the laser unit the software LaserPro is required. In LaserPro travel speed, travel height, light energy and start delay (Prelight) can be set for currently 1 – 15 tools.

LaserPro processes HPGL data (HPGL 7475A) in the same manner as the other operating software for the Bungard CCD RoutePro and DispPro. If necessary, the CAD-CAM software ISOCAM is required to convert Gerber Data into HPGL travel paths.

After exposure, the boards can be developed and etched like our normal presensitized base material. The Bungard Laser Direct does not remove copper from the substrate. When lasering copper highly toxic gases are produced, that need special collecting neutralizing and disposal measures. In our opinion, etching is the far more environmentally friendly option.

With the Bungard Laser Direct prototypes can be realized more quickly and accurately than with previous technology. For small series production, we still recommend to make a layout film with the Bungard Filmstar and expose with the Hellas or – for finer resolution – with the EXP 8000

The Bungard Laser Direct and the software LaserPro are offered at an unbeatable price. They can be retrofitted to all Bungard CCD machines younger than in 2006. Ask us for a quote!

Bungard Laser Direct 5