PROFI 2530 + 3045 Plating through hole (PTH) copper plating systems

Main Features:

  • Only 4 Process Functions, plus plating, (one spare bath for additional requirements)
  • Bath movement for all tanks and no need for complicated reverse pulse plating
  • Wide window of operation
  • Direct plating process chemistry, successfully used world wide
  • None of the nasty chemicals associated with other plating systems, (e.g. no Formaldehyde)
  • Line time less than one hour – half that of other systems. Stable chemistry even when used irregularly
  • Minimum analysis – mostly done by replenishment (no specialist operator required)
  • Very compact equipment – ideal for use where space is limited
  • Solid state controls, dual current output – plating timer – re-settable amp/hour counter

Our plating system is made for the production of high quality Prototype and Production quantities of Plated Through Hole boards. The process has none of the complexities of older style methods of production which are both time consuming and require expensive monitoring of processes on a daily basis. The heart of the system is our patented chemistry (DPP = direct plating process) which has only four steps to prepare a panel to be electrolytically plated. Analysis of the chemistry is minimal and very simple. The Plating Lines feature electrolytic plating power supplies with controllers with membrane touch pad and digital read out meters to set volts, current, plating time and amp hours.

Machine tank arrangement and workflow:

1. Tank, Bath 1: Cleaner Conditioner, heated, Temp up to 65°C
2. Tank, spray rinse with solenoid control
3. Tank, Bath 2: Pre-Dip, unheated
4. Tank, Bath 3: Catalyst, heated , Temp up to 45°C
5. Tank, rinse : spray rinse with solenoid control
6. Tank: Bath 4: Intensifier, heated, Temp up to 45°C
7. Tank, Bath 5: free for additional requirements, (pre-dip), not heated
8. Tank, Bath 6: Gavanic plating bath, heated up to 40°C

Profi 2530

Schematics of our standard DPP Processing Sequence

Power Supply:

1. Independent Anode set current with digital meters.

2. Set plating current time 0-99 minutes, digital.

3. Pause facility – disconnects plating current at any period – pressing run allows process to continue until plating time is completed.

4. 0-9999 Digital Re-settable Amp hour meters.

5. Sealed Membrane Front Panel Overlay with touch panel controls.

Profi 2530     Single PSU for Panel Plating – panel size 10″ x 12″ = 250x300mm 50A
Profi 3045     Single PSU for Panel Plating – panel size 12″ x 18″ = 300x450mm 100A


  Profi 2530 Profi 3045
Max. Panel Size: 12″ x 10″ (305 x 254mm) 18″ x 12″ (457 x 305mm)
Recommended max.finished PCB: 11.5″ x 9″ (292 x 228mm) 18″ x 11″ (457 x 280mm)
Tank capacity: Process 5L, Plating 25L Process 10L, Plating 50L
Rectifiers: 1 x 50A 1 x 100A
Agitation: Mechanical to all process stages & air to plating
  All units:
Dimensions: 1500 x 620 x 910mm
Electrics: Single phase 220/240V 50Hz or 60Hz
Heaters: 4pcs each 500W
Water in: Standard washing machine hose fittings supplied
Water out: 36mm push fit polypropylene drain

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