Dip Coater

RDC 15 with Stepper Motor Drive

This machine is the successor of the approved gear motor driven RDC 15 and was developed to meet the demand for a greater variety of speeds and settings. It is mainly used for laboratory dip coating of modern liquid photoresists. Today a more and more popular application is also so called: “sol-gel-application”. For a even higher variaty of speed settings, we offer also a new type RDC 21 with stepper motor drive (see details below).


Tauchbeschichter RDC 15


  • Lift bar for several workpiece fittings. The dipping height and the sizes of the aluminium profiles can be easily adapted to even dip-coat bulky items.
  • The dip coater is working with constand dipping speed. This speed is adjustable between 30 – 7200 mm/min. The drawing speed determines the thickness of the coating. This speed is as well adjustable from 30 – 7200 mm/min.
  • The dipping time as well as the drip-off-time (pause time up and down) is separately adjustable from 0,5 s up to 100 hours.This enables the machine not only to coat but also to precisely develop. This is of great importance with certain photocoatings of the miniature etching technology.
  • Up to 8 iterations are possible.
  • Universal power supply enables to work the RDC worldwide with all power systems.
  • The working range of the lift bar can be adjusted via the control panel. The maximum size of the workpiece is therefore only limited by the maximum lift range of the machine and the size of your cuvette.
  • On request we built machines according to your specification. Especially the stroke length is easily adaptable.

RDC 15

Technical Data RDC 15

  • Stroke length: 0 – 600 mm
  • Maximum load: 1,5 kg
  • Weight: 12 kg
  • Dimensions (BxTxH): 28 x 47 x 96 cm
  • Insertion speed: Programmablevon 30-7200mm/min
  • Drawing speed: Programmablevon 30-7200mm/min
  • Dipping Time: 0.5 s – 100 Std
  • Drip Off Time: 0,5 s – 100 Std
  • Iterations: Up to 8 times
  • Power Supply: 100 – 240V;50-60 Hz 1.6 A, 100W

Dip Coater RDC 21-K

Advantages compared to RDC 15:

RDC 21 K

  • Foil keyboard for easy data entry
  • Virtual end switch avoids unnecessary drives
  • Separate speed settings for dipping, coating and positioning drives possible
  • Stronger Stepper motor enables a 4-times higher load (5 kg instead of 1,5 kg).
  • Minimum speed down to 3 mm/min. As an option 1.5 mm minimum speed also possible
  • Parameters are stored for the next job after switching off machine
  • Controller is tiltable and removeabl

Tecnical Data RDC 21-K

  • Stroke length: 0 – 580 mm
  • Maximum load: 5 kg
  • Weight: 12 kg
  • Dimensions (BxTxH): 28 x 47 x 100 cm
  • Insertion speed: Programmable from3-3500 mm/min or 1.5 – 3500 mm/min
  • Drawing speed: Programmable from 3-7000 mm/min or 1.5 – 3500 mm/min
  • Dipping Time: 0.5 s – 100 Std
  • Drip Off Time: 0,5 s – 100 Std
  • Iterations: Up to 1000 times
  • Power Supply: 100 – 240V;50-60 Hz 3 A, 100 W


Dip Coater RDC 30 Multidip – New development!

RDC 30 Multidip

  • Rotary table with 6 cups for multi-coating!
  • Each dive individually programmable (diving, drawing speed, dipping and dropping time)
  • integrated magnetic stirrer with programmatic function and speed (1 – 999 1/min)
  • Diving and drawing speed between 3 – 7000 mm/min
  • Save this job and job iterations possible

Of course we try to realize your special demands. Please contact us!